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High or Low? Joe Budden RevealsHow Many Women He’s Slept With

Aside from his lyrical ability, Joe Budden is known for having intimate relations with some of the finest, and curviest women out there. However, it’s never been revealed just how many gorgeous cakes he’s taken down over the years of living with fame and fortune. He recently engaged many followers on Twitter about women who […]

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Q From WorldStar Teaches How & Why You Should Eat Musty Ass!

Q From WorldStar Teaches How & Why You Should Eat Musty Ass! 1,493 total views, no views today

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Ask why they charge $500 to $900 to unsign artists

If you inquire about getting your video placed on the popular hip hop site, Worldstar Hip Hop, here is the information that will be sent to you. sorry we dont add any artists videos that dont have big buzz on youtube yet unless they pay fee (By Bigg buzz We mean atleast 50,000 legit views […]

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Universal Zulu Nation Blasts WorldStarHipHop In Open Letter

WorldStarHipHop, the oft-criticized Hip-Hop site created by Lee “Q” O’Denant, has dominated the Internets after becoming the online hub for people of color behaving badly on video. During its rise to infamy, the extremely successful website has attracted a fair share of critics. Joining in the criticism is Universal Zulu Nation’s Minister Of Information Quadeer […]

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