Prisoner Carves 666 Into His Head…Backwards

An Omaha inmate carved the number 666 into his forehead, using a mirror as his guide…but with a poor grasp of how reflections work, he ended up making a series of inverted 9’s instead. But it seems it may have been his latest stunt in a bid to avoid the death penalty for his crimes. Via Omaha.com:

Jenkins told a Douglas County judge during a recent telephone hearing that he “self-mutilated” by trying to carve “666” into his forehead.

The problem? Jenkins was looking in a mirror. So he carved the 6s backward — making them look more like upside-down 9s, according to court officials.

Jenkins reportedly told Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon that he carved the 666 — known in the biblical book of Revelation as the number of the Beast — because he is not receiving treatment for his purported mental illness. He asked the judge to order the Nebraska State Patrol to investigate. Bataillon declined.

It is not clear yet whether Jenkins will use the latest self-mutilation to try to get himself again declared incompetent before he can face a death-penalty hearing.

Jenkins mutilated himself last year, and Bataillon delayed his death-penalty hearing. It took a year before the judge declared him competent to stand trial. Jenkins’ disclosure of a Manson-style mark — the California killer has a swastika between his eyes — was just the latest antic in a case that has dragged on for 20 months.

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