Trick Daddy Arrested for Cocaine, Weapons Possession

Trick Daddy Arrested for Cocaine, Weapons Possession

Florida police arrested Trick Daddy Thursday (April 3), after authorities found a gram of cocaine, a pistol and ammunition in his home, reports NBC Miami.

The Broward County Drug Task Force obtained a “sniff warrant” before raiding the residence. Cops nabbed the 40-year-old rapper, born Maurice Young, as he was leaving the residence in his vehicle. He admitted to having coke, and a small amount of marijuana, but denied running a “grow house” out of his home.

A 9mm Sig Sauer handgun and a box of bullets were uncovered in addition to the gram of powder, a police affidavit said. Trick is a convicted felon, stemming from a 2003 assault incident, and is therefore barred from possessing firearms.

The former Slip ‘n’ Slide artist was booked on two counts of possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon, possession of cocaine and driving on a suspended license.

He was released Friday morning on $6,100 bond.
40-year-old rapper busted with a gram of powder, a 9mm pistol and ammunition.

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