Tyler Perry Criticized For Casting Kim Kardashian

However, Essence pointed out that just because a reality star may have a huge social media following, doesn’t mean her fans will follow her to scripted TV.

“He has one of the biggest Twitter personalities out there in his movies, and he had one of the worst box office weekends.”

“People want to see good stories. It’s not necessarily that they want to see Kim Kardashian in a movie. They want to see her in a bikini. They want to see her with Kanye [West]. They want to see her on her show talking about her life with her sisters, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see her in a movie,” she said. “The fact that people want to see their lives and the volatility of that…. I don’t’ think that it translates at all.”

Essence isn’t saying much that hasn’t already been said, but it does register a little differently coming from an African-American actress versus movie critics or non-Tyler Perry fans.

On the flip side, who Tyler Perry hasn’t yet tapped for one of his films. So do you think she has a point? Or is she just super salty for getting overlooked.

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