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Ask WorldStarhiphop.com why they charge $500 to $900 to unsign artists

If you inquire about getting your video placed on the popular hip hop site, Worldstar Hip Hop, here is the information that will be sent to you.
sorry we dont add any artists videos that dont have big buzz on youtube yet unless they pay fee (By Bigg buzz We mean atleast 50,000 legit views on 1 single video by himself / herself “MEANING NO BIG ARTIST FEATURES” in the last 11 months and alot of comments) we check everything
its $750 to paypal per music video / freestyles / Audio slide shows & music video trailes (videos about hip hop and music videos only)
its 850 if its a video dissing a popular artist
1500 for mixtape commercials / beat making videos / promotional trailers/ dvd trailers / video blogs
2500 for infomercials
4,000 per day For BIG CINEMATIC BOX (for video to be shown on the top box on home page)
3000 per day for big box below cinematic
5,500 for 2 days up top on the main page of our site (top box)
1500 for promo fight clips
$2,500 for nude. $5000 for xxx clips
if you are wanting to pay for a video thats not a music video or hip hop video. (Like an adult clip or video bout selling a shoe. email us back here FOr those prices. cause those are more expensive)
our paypal email is orders@worldstarhiphop.com. (Make sure u put on description of paypal message box that this is for a video submission to worldstarhiphop.com) when you send payment.
once you send payment. email us back here with video title. description of video. video url. and the paypal transaction ID Number and we will add it as soon as payment is cleared
send us Only youtube, vimeo or facebook video link and send us the link*

if you want you to chose your own screenshot / still image of the video
just upload the screenshot to tinypic.com and give us link to the image
Has to be a still image directly from the video . Nothing false or misleading & No Booty shots that show alot of booty cheeks
again all info in 1 email To worldstarhiphop23@gmail.com
Your video stays on our site forever. and will get added in the mix like how we add daily videos.
After paypal payment is cleared. it takes 1 to 5 days for your video to get added on our site. if your in a hurry. and want it added same day in less than 24 hours. your welcome to pay Premium Fee which is 700 to get in less than 24 hours just videos that you are paying 500 for
so $700 total for video blogs / music videos / freestyles (videos about hip hop and music videos) to get added in less than 24 hours
**Note** If you paying for express placement. Please send a new email thats says **EXPRESS VIDEO PLACEMENT**
so we can get it up in less then 24 hour guareenteed
*NOTE*: After you send payment and email us back with on worldstarhiphop23@gmail.com with the information. Check back daily on the site 1-5 days to see if your video has been posted. If after the 5 day you dont see the video up. Email us back
*NOTE* Your video will have this tag next to it * either UNSIGNED HYPE. USER SUBMITTED. OR LABEL SUBMITTED. You can choose from 1 of the 3
*NOTE* We cant add these tags on title. *HOTTEST MC IN THE GAME.. A MUST SEE”.. we can only add those types of tags on description. And No False Misleading Tags On Title

Check out imlarge.com hiphop357.com tuberatchet.com and negrotube.com we support artist for a reasonable price

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  • Dave Jackson

    Q the owner of worldstarhiphop is a fat bitch. He have to charge these fees so he can buy more food and hoes

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